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Emerge (Evolve Series, #1)Emerge by S.E. Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am so sad I left Emerge in my TBR pile for so long. Had I known how much I would love it, I would have dropped every book to pick it up!

Laney is an athletic, sassy, true southern girl growing up without a mother. Her best friend is star football player named Evan. They grew up together and senior year Evan finally reveals his love for her, but soon they part ways to different collages and begin new lives.

Laney is determined to stay alone and counts down the days until she will she Evan again. That is until her roommate Bennett breaks her out of her shell and convinces her to go have fun. In a dorm room crawl Laney's life is forever changed when they enter room 114 and she meets Dane.

Dane, visiting his brother at collage, is absorbed in a video game will Tate entertains all the guests. Shortly he hears a voice that makes him turn around and take notice.

The distance between Laney and Evan starts to take a toll and Laney starts to get close to not only Dane, but the wonderful group of friends she has made. She soon finds herself questioning whether she is really IN love with Evan or just loves him as her best friend.

The story has great depth and many challenges to make it a page turner. S.E. Hall ends the book in a great spot, leaving you ready for more!

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Savor You (Savor Us, #1)Savor You by Emily Snow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Savor You takes place at the same time as Devoured so I suggest reading Devoured first. Savor You is the story of Kylie Wolfe, the younger sister to Lucas Wolfe. She works as Lucas's personal assistant and interacts daily with his band members. Kylie has been in love with Wyatt (guitar player) since she was a teen-ager but things just never worked out. She can't get her heart to move forward though. Wyatt follows her on vacation and is determined to show her he is committed and loves her. The bouncy ride they experience will leave you sad AS secrets and past events that affect them both are revealed, but the love scenes are off the chart! I also fell in love with Heidi (Kylie's BFF and Cal another band member) and can only hope they will have a story out soon!

Also as a bonus there is deleted scene from Devoured at the end!!!!

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What a way to start your writing career! I loved Danielle Torella's Private Message. It is an up-to-date erotic romance. Tess, the sweet, innocent, rock loving artist, has emotions and wants stirred up the moment see sets her eyes on the back of the human model in her art class. Feelings she isn't accustomed to have, and all she did was see his bare back. Needing a way to wind down, she finds herself at Chatz, a local bar, and her world is turned on its axis! Big_Ben, what can you say. Being "fucking hot", he has girls begging, quite literally, to knock one out with him. Once he meets Punky_artist though everything changes. Both having shattered past, can they open up and allow forgiveness and love? Or will the past come back to haunt them?
Another hit Molly McAdams! Stealing Harper allows you to see inside Chase's heart as he battles for Harper's love. Just as Taking Chances (Harper's POV) I ugly cried throughout the story. Molly really knows how to convey emotions and draw a reader in. I even knew how the story went from reading Taking Chance's but it still broke my heart the whole time. I will end with a deep sigh and my favorite Chase quote, “I hate not talking to you, I hate not bickering like we're an old married couple and I hate not spending every day right next to you."
5 Hearts!
Amazing story of overcoming your demons of the past. I can not even begin to describe the person connect I felt to this story! I loved that M. Leighton brought out the dark, ugly, side of these demons. Without them this story would not have the same effect. LOVED! Sadly this book has been unpublished!

I had the good fortune to get a preview of this unbelievable book! I started it last night at dinner and had it finished this morning....The characters and the story line continue from Broken (this) and Mending (this). Gabby, Sam, Bradley......yep, the whole story continues...with Ian and Veronica....oh my heart.....from the first chapter to the very end, this book had it all..the angst, the love, the secrets (which Bradley has made a vow to himself, and eventually Gabby must stop), the white lies....all in the name guessed it....LOVE. I still have my book boyfriend in Bradley....that man will never fall from his book pedestal:) This love story follows the love story of Gabby and Bradley....there is a twist that literally had me holding my breath.....there is a new character introduced ....and I must say, I didn't see that coming! Bradley always has Gabby's heart in his hands....he needs to do the right thing....but is the right thing the best thing for everyone...especially his Gabby Girl.
You will not be disappointed....but then again, JB McGee never let's us down;) This was my favorite of the series....maybe because in the words of our beloved author. "I am such a hopeless romantic!"


5 Stars!
*Sighs* Riff and his Oreo's. What girl wouldn't want that! Rock My Bed the third book in Black Falcon Series focuses on Aubrey, the feisty red head and Riff the broken, fuck her and leave her, rock star. NOTE: make sure to read Rock the heart and Rock the Band first! Sparks fly when Aubrey runs into Riff backstage while waiting on her best friend. Riff and Aubrey's chemistry is off the charts but neither are willing to let their hearts get involved. The story line rocks, and the sex is kinky and hot! I can't wait to see what Michelle A. Valentine still has in store for these two!

Wow....I had the opportunity to preview this installment of The Arrangement series....definitely not disappointed! For any of you following this will be thrilled to learn so much more about the main characters. There is angst, love (lots of love), sex (hot sex), secrets (as usual).....well, lets just say some secrets are revealed while new ones come to the forefront. For those of you who have not had the opportunity or time or for what ever reason you haven't read this series, hurry and read 1-6 .... You will have a new book boyfriend....I guarantee it! Anxious to keep curiosity is at an all time high!
 This was possibly one of my favorite reads in a long time. It wasn't one of those books that I just couldn't put down because I was so anxious to find out what would happen next, would the characters find their way, would someone do something unbelievably dumb that I would feel the need to throw my iPad....No, this was one of the few books I have read that I didn't want to put down because it was just so real! Jo is not your typical leading lady...yes she has her insecurities (putting it mildly) and she makes her mistakes....but she is strong....she holds it together. Malcolm is such a great can't help but like him....yet you know there will be a "problem" there. Oh and then there is Cam....oh my, add him to our book boyfriend list! Swoon....swoon....swoon! He has the edge all leading men must have....handsome, lovable, angst-filled....has his own secrets....but not the kind that you throw your hands in the air and say "oh god, not another one of those guys!" The author pulls all the characters back in from On Dublin is so cool to hear more of their stories intermingled in the saga of Jo, Cam and Cole:)
Do not hesitate to add this one to you TBR list....but quite honestly, this one should bump up to the TBR very soon! Samantha Young nailed it with this one....oh and, as you read this one, you are introduced to a few more characters....and I wondered if maybe, just maybe we would have a future book telling us their happy ending I always look for was very deliciously was my curiosity about the future story of Nate and Olivia....coming in late 2013.....PRICELESS;)


I fell in love with Shane from the very beginning! A soldier and a good friend with a heart of gold! Coming back home on a short leave with nothing to look forward to causes him to visit his cousin. Thus enters Jenn, the hard working, underappreciated woman, who has had her share of heartbreak. After a mysterious note is found Shane and Jenn embark on a romantic journey of friendship then love. Each helping the other heal in more ways than one. Wonderfully written in both POV's!
You never know where you will meet that special someone. Luckily for Jaden her boss decides to send her on a trip to the Winemaker's Dinner in his place. Jaden as an up and coming chef jumps on the chance to get her and the restaurants name out to the public. Little did she know Dr. Ivan would be there and change the course of her life! There hot, passionate romance leads to great opportunities for Jaden, but will they come at cost for her and Dr. Ivan's future? Wonderful, hot, steamy, read!

I loved the struggles that are portrayed in Entrée! Long distance relationships are hard enough, but mix in the aspect of success and stardom, makes for a complete mess! Luckily, Dr. Ivan and Jaden seem to have found a way to make it work, or have they? Well I can't give away all the secrets! Great piece of erotic romance!
Amazing follow up to Fallen to Far! Coming to terms with her past and moving forward is what Blair is determined to do. Rush is right there by her side trying to make her see he loves her, but can she ever forget what he did? More lies are revealed, and priorities are questions. Abbi keeps you drawn in wanting more and more.
I am forever a Rush fan!
I have had Fallen to far on my TBR list for quite awhile, and boy if I had known how great it was I would not have just left it sit there! I read this in one sitting, I could not put it down! Blair was such a likable young girl with the world on her shoulder. She has to walk into a world she knows nothing about as well as a step brother never mentioned. You grow to love Blair and Rush throughout the story. Just when you think you have it all figured out the story takes I turn I never saw coming! Wonderful work!
Fever, the follow up to Maya Banks Rush, continued the sexy tales of 3 best friends as they find the girls of their dreams. Jace is an intimating, controlling man who likes to share his women with his best friend Ash. That is he DID like to share, until little Bethany walked into his world. She changed everything! Jace and Bethany had many twists and turns to climb as they tried to work out a relationship. The sex scenes burn up the pages, not for the faint of heart! I can not wait to read the last book with Ash's story!
Kelly Elliot completely knock my socks off with Wanted! Ellie has to overcome so much abuse and find healing with in herself in order to allow others to love her. Boy did Gunner have his work cut out for him! Believe me she did not make it easy! Then we have Jeff and Ari and there love/hate bond. I wanted to slap them both upside the head numerous times throughout Wanted. I can not wait to Read about Jeff and Ari in Saved!
*********5 Stars Must Read for ALL****************************************************************

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