April's Corner

Welcome all to my little corner of Cuddle Buddy Books Blog! I'm a 30 something wife, mommy, nurse, chef, housekeeper, teacher, handyman, and the list goes on and on! In my spare time (giggles to self) I love to kick back in my comfy bed and curl up to a romantic tale and find my new book boyfriend of the night! I read pretty much anything from young adult romance to hot, steamy erotic tales. I'm always looking for my next cuddle buddy!


Top 10 Favorite Books (Series)
1. Taking Chances
2. Lost in Distraction
3. Thoughtless Series
4. The Winemaker's Dinner Series
5. Black Cat Records Series
6. Hopeless
7. Black Falcon Series
8. Fallen Series
9. Breathless Trilogy
10 Nauti Boys Series

But honestly this list could go on and on....

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