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By Carey Heywood

Sarah Miller hasn’t been home in seven years. She thought she could stay away forever. If it wasn’t for her big brother's wedding, that is. Part of her even feels silly for staying away this long. It's not like anyone even knew what happened. Well, except for him. 

That guy. The one she compared all others to. The one who set the bar so high no other guy after him could even compete. The one who made her feel like anything was possible. The one she thought she would never be good enough for. The one she spent the last seven years trying to forget.
All she needs to do is make it through the next week without running into him.

Will Price was Sarah Miller’s best friend. Fast forward seven years… Sarah hasn’t been home. She is avoiding him. Sarah's brother, Brian, announces he is getting married. Of course, Christine his fiancé, wants Sarah to be in the wedding. Sarah has to decide if she is going to return home to Georgia, or risk staying behind causing her family to disowned by her. "There is no getting out of going, kind of a requirement being a sibling".
Carey Heywood did a great job of telling the tale of Sarah Miller and William Price "Will". They had a relationship that even through time and distance never really faltered. The story is written solely from Sarah’s point of view. Will was the one crush she had never gotten over, her best friend. Sarah sat by in silence when he dated someone else in high school. "No matter how much it breaks my heart to see him with her, I'd do anything for him. Sometimes you just can't help it when you're in love with your best friend, and he has no idea."
Little did Sarah know that Will had stayed in touch with her family after she moved away. No one bothered to mention that he was a groomsman in the wedding. With Will being an active participant in the wedding party,  the possibility of avoiding him was slim to none. Thrust together with the one man she wanted to forget, how would Sarah persevere?
Sarah relies on her roommate and best friend, Sawyer, to talk her through her hurt feelings and heartbreak. Sawyer knows that Sarah hasn’t had a serious relationship since high school. Her friendly attempts at setting Sarah up on "blind dates" are funny. The two girls are very close and Sawyer is Sarah’s life line across the miles as Sarah is put face to face with Will.
Heywood’s supporting characters are an integral part of her tale. She weaves the lives of  family and friends into a great plot full of laughter and romance. Heywood has a unique way of drawing the reader into the lives of these characters. As a woman, she reminds me of the trials and tribulations of my teen years.
Sarah and Will have to reach past their hurt feelings and agree to get along, for the sake of Brian and Christine. Is there a chance that Sarah and Will can see beyond the years gone by?
The chapters alternate between the past and the present. At times keeping up with the bouncing back and forth left me perturbed. The book draws you in and makes you want to know what happens next. Overall I give this book 4 out of 5.
Character Casting By Reviewer

Carey Heywood
Carey Heywood lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, three children, and nine-pound attack Yorkie. In her spare time, she transports her children from one extra-curricular activity to another while maintaining her day job in the world of finance. Right now, she is probably eating Swedish Fish.
I'd love to hear from you!
Other Books By Carey
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National Fragile X Awareness Day

Fragile X Infographic
Fragile X Inforgraphic by the National Fragile X Foundation - See more at: http://www.fragilex.org/2013/foundation/fragile-x-infographic/#sthash.ksMShfuc.dpuf

Fragile X Disorder
This is a genetic disorder with a wide range of effects

Fragile X Facts

  1. Fragile X Fact: Fragile X syndrome is the leading known cause of intellectual disability.
  2. Fragile X Fact: Fragile X syndrome is the leading known genetic cause of autism.
  3. Fragile X Fact: Fragile X syndrome occurs in both males and females. Females generally have less severe symptoms.
  4. Fragile X Fact: Fragile X syndrome can cause developmental and language delays, learning impairment, and behavioral and mental health issues.
  5. Fragile X Fact: Fragile X-associated disorders (FXDs) are a group of related genetic conditions that can affect family members in different ways.
    FXDs include:
    fragile X syndrome (FXS)
    fragile X-associated primary ovarian insufficiency (FXPOI)
    fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS)
  6. Fragile X Fact: fragile X-associated primary ovarian insufficiency (FXPOI) is a cause of infertility, early menopause and other ovarian problems in women who have the Fragile X premutation. (These women are also called “carriers” of the Fragile X gene.
  7. Fragile X Fact: fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS) is an adult onset neurological condition that can cause balance and memory problems, tremors and other neurological and psychiatric symptoms in both male and female Fragile X carriers (though it is more common in males).
  8. Fragile X Fact: As many as 1 in every 250 women are carriers of the Fragile X gene.
  9. Fragile X Fact: All Fragile X conditions are genetic, passed through generations (often unknowingly). You cannot catch a Fragile X Disorder by being friends with someone who has one. (People with Fragile X make awesome friends!)
  10. Fragile X Fact: Fragile X occurs when there is a change (or mutation) in the FMR1 gene.  Everyone is born with the FMR1 gene, which is on the X chroomosome.
  11. Fragile X Fact: The FMR1 gene was identified in 1991. The “job” of the FMR1 gene is to make protein (FMRP) that is important in brain development.  Individuals with fragile X syndrome have a deficiency of this protein.
  12. Fragile X Fact: Common features of fragile X syndrome include:
    Physical: Large ears, long, narrow face, prominent forehead or chin, high palate (roof of mouth), flat feet, seizures, crossed/lazy eyes, tendency for ear infections, hyperflexible joints.
    Behavioral: Developmental delay, learning and intellectual disabilities, ADHD, hand-flapping and/or biting, poor eye contact, shyness, anxiety, behavior issues, speech/language delay, rapid, repetitive speech, increased sensitivity to sounds, touch, crowds and texture.
  13. Fragile X Fact: Females who are carriers of the Fragile X gene mutation have a 50/50 chance of passing the gene mutation to each of their children (they will pass along one of their X chromosomes, either the one with the Fragile X gene mutation or the one without).
    Males who are carriers of the Fragile X gene mutation will pass the gene to all of their daughters (giving them his X chromosome) but none of his sons (they get his Y chromosome).
  14. Fragile X Fact: Females with Fragile X can have a range of symptoms, from minimal to significant developmental delays and intellectual deficits. They tend to have difficulty with math, reading maps and graphs, picking up on “social cues,” social anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.
  15. Fragile X Fact: FXPOI (fragile X-associated primary ovarian insufficiency) occurs in approximately 22 percent of females with the premutation (carriers). It can cause irregular or absent periods, reduced fertility or infertility and premature (early) menopause.
  16. Fragile X Fact: FXTAS (fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome) occurs more commonly in male carriers than female carriers. FXTAS is often initially misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s or a stroke.
  17. Fragile X Fact: Features of FXTAS (fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome) include balance problems (ataxia), intention tremors (shaking when reaching for something but not while resting), memory loss, mood instability or irritability, neuropathy (numbness of extremities), and cognitive decline. Females with FXTAS may also have a predisposition to develop autoimmune disorders such as abnormal thyroid function.
  18. Fragile X Fact: Fragile X is diagnosed through a DNA sample, most typically from blood but other tissues and amniotic fluid as well!
  19. Fragile X Fact: Fragile X testing will determine the “CGG repeat pattern” an individual has.
    “Normal” is 5-44 CGG repeats.
    “Gray Zone” is 45-54 CGG repeats.
    “Premutation” (or carrier) is 55-200 CGG repeats.
    “Full mutation” is more than 200 CGG repeats.
  20. Fragile X Fact: The full mutation (over 200 CGG repeats) causes the FMR1 gene to “turn off” and not work properly, a process called methylation. When this happens the gene does not produce any or enough FMRP, which is believed to be necessary for normal brain development
  21.  Fragile X Fact: Testing for fragile X syndrome should be provided to anyone who has:
    • Clinical symptoms that suggest FXS, FXTAS, or FXPOI.
    • A family history of FXS, FXTAS, intellectual or learning difficulties or autism of unknown cause or infertility.
    • A family or personal history of an FXD.
    • A family member with intellectual disabilities, developmental delay, speech and language delay, autism or learning disabilities of unknown cause.
    • Female infertility issues, including elevated FSH levels, premature ovarian failure, primary ovarian insufficiency or irregular menses.
    • Features of FXTAS, including being over the age of 50, intention tremors, ataxia, memory loss, cognitive decline, personality change, especially in combination with a positive family history of Fragile X.
    • Expressed an interest in or requests Fragile X carrier testing, including women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant…all these should be tested.
  22. Fragile X Fact: Approximately 1million Americans carry the Fragile X mutation, including approximately 100,000 with fragile X syndrome, and are at risk for developing a Fragile X-associated Disorder.
  23. Fragile X Fact: Common strengths associated with fragile X syndrome are a good visual memory, sense of humor, desire to be helpful, empathic nature, and gift for mimicry. They do well when given visual cues, often love to help and learn from peer modeling.
  24. Fragile X Fact: There is a lot of exciting research in the Fragile X field. Many studies are now in human trials, and the great majority of scientists and clinicians are optimistic that new drugs will prove safe and beneficial. While no one considers the current drugs being studied to be a cure, families with children who have fragile X syndrome can be hopeful that significant improvements in learning, communication and behavior will be possible in the next 2-5 years.
  25. Fragile X Fact: Fragile X-associated Disorders (FXDs) can be passed on by carriers of the FMR1 gene mutation who have no apparent signs of an FXD. In some families a number of individuals may be affected, while in other families a diagnosed individual may be the only known family member to exhibit symptoms. Also, in some families, only carriers are identified, with no other apparently affected family members.
  26. Fragile X Fact: Approximately 2-6 percent of children with autism are diagnosed with fragile X syndrome. Given the possibility of a link, it is recommended that all children with autism, both male and female, be referred for genetic evaluation and testing for FXS and any other genetic cause of autism.
  27. Fragile X Fact: Approximately 1 in 3,600 to 4,000 males and approximately 1 in 4,000 to 6,000 females have the full mutation of Fragile X.
  28. Fragile X Fact: While there is currently no cure for fragile X syndrome (FXS), there are many areas of treatment and intervention that can improve the lives of affected individuals and their families. Given the proper education, therapy, and support, all persons with FXS can make progress.
  29. Fragile X Fact: Individuals with fragile X syndrome are easily anxious and overwhelmed, including during routine transitions, out on a walk, at the store, school or home. This can lead to aggressive behaviors targeted at the parent, running away, or refusal to comply. These behaviors are typically not volitional or willful. Instead, they stem from the serious anxiety and arousal issues inherent to this condition. When hyperaroused, individuals with FXS find it difficult to communicate their feelings and needs of the moment.
  30. Fragile X Fact: You are not alone!  There are many families living with an FXD all over the world, and there are many resources at your fingertips! The National Fragile X Foundation has a comprehensive website, plus staff available to take your calls and LINKS support groups all over the U.S. See www.fragilex.org to get started!
  31. Fragile X Fact: (READERS: PLEASE PERSONALIZE THIS ONE TO YOUR OWN LIVES!) There are three amazingly beautiful young people who changed my life, whom I love with my whole heart. I will continue to learn more from them while helping to raise awareness on their behalf. Parker, Allison and Brad all have fragile X syndrome. My sisters, father and I are all carriers. Ten years ago our lives were changed by this diagnosis.  While today officially “ends” Fragile X awareness month, I promise to them—and to you—to keep learning more, sharing the latest news, connecting families, advocating and doing what I can to be sure one day the question “Fragile what?” can be answered by everyone—every day it is asked.
- See more at: http://www.fragilex.org/2013/awareness-day/yes-you-can-share-that-31-fragile-x-facts-to-post-on-social-media/#sthash.aiBWVglV.dpuf

Donations can be made at this link: http://www.fragilex.org/support-the-nfxf/donate/

This Disorder is very close to Author Kelly Elliott, who implemented it into her book Saved as a tribute to her real life best friend who has a son diagnosed with Fragile X. She is the one who brought this disorder to my attention. I have never heard of it before. After reading over the material at http://www.fragilex.org/fragile-x-associated-disorders/ and talking over the phone with my sons doctor he is going to be tested for this disorder.

My Story
My son has developmentally delayed from the very beginning. It began with a speech delay and he ended up starting speech therapy at the age of 2. As the years progressed we noticed more things he was having a hard time doing. He will 10 in October. He can not ride a bike without training wheels, he poops in his pants every time and doesn't realize he has, he has a real issue with reading and comprehension. He also has many characteristics listed on the website. I started to cry as I read over the information, thinking "wow, they are describing Jayce". Granted he does not have some of the characteristic such as aggression, he is one of the sweetest kids you could ever meet, and he is not autistic (been tested). I want to personally think Kelly for bring this disorder to light. It may have a bigger effect on me than I ever imagined!

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When curvy Sarah Grant comes home to Coldwater Springs after spending six years in the city, the last person she expects to bump into is sexy Chase McCord.  After having a teenage crush on him for years, she thought she was finally over him.  After all, why keep fantasizing about someone you can never have?  But when Chase makes it clear he’s ready to claim her for his own, Sarah finds it hard to believe him.  Can he convince her they were made for each other?
Chase McCord.
She drew in a deep breath. Her heart thudded in her chest as if she’d just run the 100-metre dash.
Her eyes feasted on him as he placed his order at the counter. He filled out his well-worn jeans and long-sleeved denim shirt quite nicely. The last time she had seen him was seven months ago, when she had come home for Christmas. He still looked amazing.
Each time she visited home, she couldn't seem to avoid him. He'd come around the house, always on some business with her father. And she'd stare longingly at him from her bedroom window, feeling like the teenager she used to be.
Now, although her eyes took in every detail about him, she didn’t want him to see her. What would she say to him? She’d hate it if she blushed when he said hello to her. If he said hello to her. After all, why would he?
He turned around and she flicked her gaze to her cup of coffee. Please don't see me, please don't see me, please don't see me.
"Sarah." His attractive, deep voice forced her to look up. At him.

Small town girl Sarah Grant returns home after being essentially gone for six years. She graduated at eighteen, left for college in the big city and became a teacher. The one thing she had always regretted was not saying goodbye to handsome cowboy Chase McCord.
After job cuts due to the economy Sarah takes a teaching job in her home town. Nothing in her hometown had changed. The diner is still the same. The staff at the diner is still the same; and Chase is still drop dead sexy.
Quick into the tale of the two main characters things begin to heat up. The lustful looks between Chase and Sarah become longer and the two get closer. Sarah always feared that Chase wouldn’t be interested in her because she was a "curvy girl" and not every mans idea of perfect. Chase loves Sarah’s curves and sets out to make sure she knows!
I enjoyed the account of Chase and Sarah. This was a very short novelette. The characters don’t waste time getting to know each other and it made for a quick read. To me as a reader, the story was over before it got started. I wish that the author had added more plot to her work. I give this story 3.5 out of 5. If Roseton makes this into a full novel I would love to read the rest of the story.


Jenn Roseton believes that romance and hot sex go together. When she's not writing erotic romance, she indulges in delicious gourmet chocolate. Her books include the Hot and Sexy series, the Seduced by the Boss series and BBW Needs Hot Sex.  Find out about her latest news, promotions and new releases at www.JennRoseton.com


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Sam is a single dad, trying to get over the death of his ex-wife, and help his daughter move on from the loss of her mother.

Rachel is a single mom with a secret of her own that has kept her out of the dating scene for years.

What happens when this drop-dead gorgeous firefighter moves in across the street from the reticent woman with a past?

Sparks fly as the heat level rises in this new novel of Serendipity
Rachel was mopping her floors the next morning, trying to forget last night while Sophia was stripping the beds to wash sheets when a knock at the door sent Sophie running to see who it was.  A squeal of delight, met with a matching squeal took Rachel to see what the hubbub was all about.  Her hands immediately moved to straighten her hair, when she saw Sam's massive frame leaning nonchalantly in her living room doorway, his enormous frame crowding the small space.
            "Hey there," she squeaked, suddenly breathless in his presence.  Memories of last night flashed, unbidden to her consciousness.  The way his arms felt around her, leading Rachel around the dance floor with the grace and ease of an old married couple.  She had filed the memory away, to revisit on rainy days when she was feeling sorry for herself, but seeing Sam in her doorway made it jump to the forefront of her mind like a toddler craving attention, saying, "Look at me!"
            He didn't move, his arctic blue eyes on her, intense, just like they were last night.  Electricity sizzled in the cozy room, causing sweat to break out in Rachel's armpits.
            "Hey," he said, as nonchalantly as he looked.  As if the attraction that nearly brought Rachel to her knees didn't affect him at all.  He pushed himself off the door frame, and took the two steps across the room that his long legs needed to reach Rachel.  "Why did you run away last night?"
            "I was just fixing to leave anyways.  You know, babysitters and all..."  She was trying to match his nonchalance, but it came out a stammering mess.
            His eyes narrowed on her, making a flush steal across her cheeks.  "You had just gotten there.  I saw you walk in the door."
            "Oh…"  Damn.  He kept staring at her.  "Um…I don't know, Sam."  She sighed, unable to come up with a suitable excuse.
            "Were you running?"
            "Why?"  His gaze was still on her, intense, boring for the truth that she wasn't willing to give him.
            "You were so mad the last time we spoke.  I can't read you."
            Sam's mouth opened to say something, then shut with a snap.  His eyes traveled her face, from her eyes to her lips, and back again.  Seeming to reach a conclusion, he said, "Read this, Rachel."  Before she could react, his hands were on her face, keeping her from escaping his mouth, tongue against her lips searching for access.
            Her hands reflexively went to his chest to push him away, but then his scent invaded her senses, and she was lost to his masculinity, his very presence overwhelming her.  She opened up to him, grudgingly granting his tongue entry with a weak whimper. 
            A triumphant growl rumbled from the back of his throat, and his kiss deepened in intensity, causing emotions to well up that Rachel had never felt before.  His tongue swept into her mouth, and she tasted him, his hunger and his desire, and she suddenly wanted more.
            As her tongue tentatively met his, she realized that this was good.  This was something that she had denied herself for so long, and now that she allowed herself to feel this, she didn't ever want to stop.  She had never been kissed this way before, it was a kiss that made her ache at the thought it would have to end.
            Her fingers spread against his chest, moving upward, to feel the hard planes of his pecs, his shoulder muscles, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, kissing him deeper.  His arms went around her waist, squeezing her against him gently, his massive hands spanning her back.
            Abruptly, he ended the kiss that was rapidly changing Rachel's life, and took a step back, still holding her waist.
            Rachel couldn't catch her breath, her knees were weak, and her pulse was racing.  Reality crashed down on her, and she remembered that there were two ten year olds in her house, and she was standing here in her living room, breaking every promise she'd ever made to herself.
            Sam squeezed her waist again, gently, before releasing her and walking over to settle in a chair in the corner of the room.  Rachel inhaled deeply, then exhaled a deep shuddering breath and looked at the face of the man who was causing her so much turmoil.
            He was smirking.
            Rachel couldn't find her voice.  It had obviously fled to the place where all of her resolutions had gone. 
            "Can you read me now?"




Anne Conley lives in a small town in East Texas, not unlike Serendipity, with her husband, two kids and numerous goats.  She brazenly stole her pseudonym from her great-grandmother, a true pioneer woman who raised seven kids alone: churning butter, plucking chickens, knitting clothes, and putting coal oil on every visible wounds.  She also peed standing up, probably because she didn’t have time to go to the outhouse.  Anne loves hearing from her readers, so contact her to let her know what you think.



How long have you been a firefighter and what made you decide to go into the profession?
I've been a firefighter for eleven years.  Before that, I was working odd-jobs and trying to help take care of my mom, who was dying of cancer.  It made me feel so helpless, watching her die like that, I knew I needed to do something to help others.  Since I'd been so helpless with Mom, I wanted to do something that would make me a hero.  It started out as an ego boost, but I love all aspects of the job so much, I can't imagine my life as anything different.
What challenges do you face as a firefighter?
There are the obvious challenges of saving people during intensely dangerous situations, but training makes all of that second nature.  The most challenging thing for me personally is working with the other guys on my crew.  We have to consciously build a team mentality to work together, and sometimes that's hard.
What do you do in your free time?
I work out, read, play pool, and fish with my buddies.  I also spend a lot of time with my daughter.
What music do you like to listen to?
I listen to lots of things, depending on my mood.  Country, rock, punk stuff.  I'm a nineties kid, so I enjoy lots of stuff from that time period.  Violent Femmes, the Toadies, Morphine.  Recently, I've started listening to Passenger, it relaxes me.
Who is your ideal woman?
I like a woman who isn't totally into herself.  I don't want a woman who has to be somebody else, I want her to be comfortable and happy with her own body image.  I also don't like a woman who comes on too strong. 
Do you like children?
I love children.  My daughter is ten, and we have a lot of fun together, or at least we used to.  Since her mom died, she's had a hard time loosening up, but I know that time will heal, and I'm trying to be there for her when she needs me.  It's hard to see her hurt, but I know that in the end, she will be okay.
What is your favorite childhood memory?
Anything that involves my Mom's cookies.  I miss her cookies like a man in the desert misses water.  They were sooooo good.  It seems like almost everything reminds me of them.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I hope to be right where I am.  I've got everything I need right now.  I wouldn't mind having a woman to share my life with, but I'm not actively looking.  My daughter and I have a nice life, living in Serendipity, and I can only hope that in five years, we're still here. 
What are your weaknesses?
Like I really want to tell you that!  No, I'm probably too full of myself.  I'm a firefighter, and I've got a great body.  I can get any woman that I want, and I know it.  My arrogance has gotten me into a fair bit of trouble in my lifetime, but you know how it is.  Also, I'm pretty nosy, especially if I'm interested in a woman.  I want to know everything about her there is to know.
What are your strengths?
I'm protective of my loved ones, especially family.  I've loved and lost, and I don’t want it to happen again, so I try to hold on to what I have.  My daughter is very important to me, and I would do anything to keep her from getting hurt, you know?  She resents it sometimes, but I'm a dad.  That's what we do.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Author Spotlight

Tracey Smith

Welcome Tracey, our first author spotlight!
Tracey Smith grew up in Southern California, but as a teenager moved with her family to a small town in Arkansas. It was in Arkansas that she met and fell in love with the man of her dreams, who had also recently moved to the state. Fate brought them both to that small town and into each other’s lives and that is where they continue to live today raising their two children and living out their happily ever after.
All 3 books in one!
~Love's Fate~
Connected by Tragedy… Consumed By Love
Do you believe in Fate? Do you believe in soul mates? What if there was just one man out there who was meant for you? Would you know him if you saw him? Would he know you?
Katherine didn’t believe in soul mates, she wasn’t even sure if she believed in love… until the night she saw him. There was something oddly familiar about his dark blue eyes, but she was sure she’d never seen him before. The only thing more confusing than the overwhelming attraction she felt toward this mysterious stranger, was the way he was staring right back at her with that same look of curious fascination. Then suddenly he leaves and she’s left with nothing but the haunting memory of his beautiful eyes and the strange connection they seem to have with her recurring nightmares.
The day Michael’s mother died was one of greatly mixed emotions. He would miss his mother, but her passing meant that he would finally be free of his oppressive father. He was leaving and nothing was going to stop him. But why couldn’t he stop thinking about the beautiful woman he had seen the night he got the call about his mother. Why had she seemed so familiar?
More than once their paths will cross, but will they ever find each other? Will Fate ultimately bring them together or keep them apart?

~Love's Destiny~
After the happily ever after, the story continues…
Destiny had always loved the story of how her parents met. How Fate had drawn them together time and again, until they finally found each other and fell madly in love. That was the way love was supposed to be. Someday she knew it would happen for her, someday a handsome mysterious stranger would come into her life and sweep her off her feet. She knew that the first time she saw him she would know he was the one.
Tyler had known Destiny his entire life. She had been his very best friend, but it had been years since he’d seen her. He wasn’t nervous about seeing her again, until he did. She wasn’t the skinny girl he remembered from childhood, and suddenly he found himself anxiously wondering if she would ever be able to see him as anything other than the boy she’d grown up with.
Is it possible to look at someone you’ve known your whole life, and see them for the very first time? Sometimes love doesn’t happen the way you thought it would.


~Love's Chance~
Chance Carter has never met a woman he couldn’t charm. Until now…
Caroline Tolleson had learned all too quickly that men could not be trusted. She had been young and naïve once, but not anymore. She knew how to spot them, she knew the type: charming, handsome and dangerous. Chance Carter was all of those things. Even if secretly deep down he made her pulse race, she would never let him see it. She would never let her heart be broken again.
Can Chance convince her to let go of the past and trust him with her heart?

Cassidy St. Claire still wasn't sure what she'd been hoping to find when she began the search for her birth parents, but all she’d uncovered was a bunch of death certificates and one ailing great-uncle who’d finally kicked the bucket last week. Since Cassidy is the last surviving member of the family that means his estate, a small seaside bed and breakfast in New Hampshire, has been left to her. An odd stipulation in his Will requires that she appear in person to inherit the property. Cassidy isn't very hopeful that this weekend trip will lead to anything more than a momentary distraction from her busy life, and an excuse to take her convertible for a long drive up the coast.
She certainly isn't prepared for Mr. Tall Handsome and Brooding; Ben Riley has been running the bed and breakfast for the last several years, and he is definitely less than welcoming. His instant dislike for her is staggering, but his penetrating green eyes burn with a dangerous mixture of hostility and attraction.
Within days of her arrival an attempt is made on her life and then another. Suddenly Cassidy finds herself trying to unravel the mysteries of the past, while outrunning the dangers of the present and finally turning to the strong, protective arms of Ben Riley and a future she'd never imagined.

My Review
4 Stars
Cedar Hollows isn't normally the kind of book I would pick to read, but when Tracey contacted me to see if I would read it and give an honest review I thought why not, I need to expand my reading. I am so glad and grateful for this chance, I was totally engulfed into the story from the beginning. Cassidy, a successful business lady from Chicago, travels to Cedar Hollows to decide what she will do with a bed and breakfast her late great uncle as left her. Upon arrival the place is a complete lose and creepy. The only perk she sees is Ben, the tall, dark, and handsome groundskeeper. As the details of her great uncles will unfolds, her stay is extended and more mysteries of her biological family are exposed. As she finds herself in numerous dangerous situations Cassidy also finds herself drawn to the safety she feels with Ben. Being a romance/erotic fan I found Ben and Cassidy's love scenes completely top notch, hot, and steamy! Someone is trying to kill Cassidy and she starts to question everything and everyone! My mind was blown when it revealed who and why they were after her. I read this book in one night. I had to know what happened with Cassidy and if Ben was the person he seemed to be!
Q & A with Tracey
1. Where do you find your inspirations for writing?

My first romantic series was actually inspired by the format that it's written in. My first idea was how interesting it would be to read a story written from two different perspectives. That idea led way to three novels, all written in alternating first person perspective.

For my new release Cedar Hollow it was the genre, I wanted to write romantic suspense, something sexy but with a mystery and maybe a little danger.

My current work in progress was inspired by the setting. I live in the south, but had not yet wrote anything that took place in the south. Since I live here now, but was not raised here I'm enjoying drawing from personal experience to describe the south from an outsiders point of view.

It's always just some random idea like that. Once it pops into my head I just run with it and see where it leads.

2. What genre of book do prefer to write?

Romance. I'm a sucker for a good love story, and I love a book with some heat.
3. Who is your favorite writer and why?

It's hard to pick just one. When I find an author I really like I tend to try to read everything they've ever written. As a teenager it was VC Andrews, I think that is where I found my love for reading books in a series.
As a young adult I discovered romance novels and bought every Nora Roberts book that passed through my local used book store.
When the "vampire fad" took over I became hooked on Lynsay Sands Argeneau series and then branched out and read her other work as well.
I love to read a good series, and I think that has definitely translated into my writing since my first book became the first in a series

4. Name your favorite character you have created and tell what about them makes them so.

I think Katherine, from my first book Love's Fate, will always hold a special place in my heart. I love each of my characters, but Katherine was the first. It was her story that inspired me to write. And even once her story was told and she was living out her happily ever after I couldn't let her and Michael go, which is how my first book became my first series.

5. Where did you get the idea for Cedar Hollow and how long did it take you to write it?
I can't really pinpoint a time or place when the idea for Cedar Hollow developed. It's a progressive process. The opening scene with Cassidy driving up the coast in her convertible was one of the first things to come to me. Once I had that scene in my head I needed to decide who she was and where she was going. I don't outline my writing. When I start a new project I don't always know where it's going to go, I just start writing and let the story reveal itself to me. Sometimes I'll write several chapters in one night, and then I'll just sit on it for a week or so. Like a movie that's been paused, my characters remain in that final scene in my mind until I know what's going to happen next.
The basic nuts and bolts of the story were fully written start to finish in a couple of months. I then tweaked, read, re-read and revised for several more months. It took about a year to have the book finished and ready for publication.

6. Any books in the works you can tease us about?

I've just started a new project that is in the very early stages. So far my main character has left behind a shattered life to take refuge at a southern plantation home where she will be staying as the summer caretaker. Enter sexy gardener . I'm still vetting this one out. I think it will be more light hearted than Cedar Hollow. The dynamic between the characters is more playful, and so far there is no mystery, but it's so early in the process now I really have no idea where this one will go.
This or That

*Pepsi or Coke: Coke
*chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
*bad boy or good boy: bad boy!
*jock or rock star: rock star
*Beach or wilderness: beach
*baseball or football: Since my lead character in Love's Chance was a baseball player, I'm going to go with baseball
*roses or tulips: roses
*fresh or frozen: fresh
*cats or dogs: Both? OK if I have to pick I'll go with dogs, but my cat would be very mad at me if she knew I said that.
*ice cream or frozen yogurt: Ice cream
*bicycle or roller blades: bicycle
*neat outline or post-it notes: Post-its for sure!
Fun Facts
favorite holiday: Christmas
first memory: My cousin having a broken arm. I remember he had a cast. I was two.
first kiss: On the back of the school bus playing truth or dare.
favorite book boyfriend: Shane McKade was the first name to pop into my head, so I'll go with that.
last book you read: Charity Rising by DeAnna Kinney.
guilty pleasure: A bubble bath and a glass of wine. Throw in some chocolate truffles and I'm in heaven!
If you look to the left right now what do you see? The lilies my husband sent me for our anniversary last week

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